Saskatchewan Elks Lottery 2022

The Trucks


Allen & Jean Wood

Ticket# 400303040

You've Won!

2021 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie

Value $73,575.00

Supplied by Nipawin Chrysler


2021 Ford F-150 Lariat

Value $75,040.00

Supplied by Country Ford Wilkie

The Bucks

Trucks & Bucks 50/50

Prize payout is 50% of the jackpot

Up To

50/50 must be purchased in conjunction with main lottery.

$5000 Early Bird Prize


John Smallwood

Ticket# 400755005
Moose Jaw

You've Won!

Final 50/50 JACKPOT IS

$ 0
Winner Takes Half!


Heather Buziak

Ticket# 800074032
North Battleford

You've Won!

$ 0
Winner Takes Half!

The Cause

The Saskatchewan Elks Association exists to promote provincial projects and to unite, promote, and encourage members and Lodges in fulfilling the Elks of Canada Mission and Vision on a smaller scale.  


Mission: A Canadian volunteer organization of men and women serving communities. 

Vision:To be the best volunteer organization in Canadian communities. 

The Saskatchewan Elks solicit donations to help Saskatchewan residents with grants for medical needsoperate the Seniors Homes, and make significant contributions to the Sask. Pediatric Auditory Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) in Saskatoon. 

Current Programs

Sask Pediatric Auditory Rehab Center

SPARC is an early detection, assessment, and (re)habilitation program for hearing impaired children in the Province. SPARC, the Children’s Hearing Centre, is located at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Senior Citizens Homes

The Provincial Elks Association of Saskatchewan has long been associated with a project called "Saskatchewan Elks Seniors Homes". The goal is to provide appropriate living quarters and accommodations for Saskatchewan Seniors. We currently have 135 Homes in eight communities across the province: Davidson, Esterhazy, Hanley, Moose Jaw, Moosomin, Nipawin, Price Albert and Rosetown. 

The Fine Print

Q. How can tickets be purchased?

Q. Where can tickets be purchased?
A. Online

Q. What methods of payment are accepted?
A. Online: MasterCard, Visa.

Q. What are the ticket prices for the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery?
A. 1 for $20 | 5 for $50 | 20 for $75 | 50 for $100

Q. How many tickets are sold in total for the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery?
A. 600 single tickets at $20 each
1,400 sets of 5 for $50
800 sets of 20 for $75
2,080 sets of 50 for $100

Total 127,600 tickets sold

Q. What are the 50/50 ticket prices?
A. 1 Ticket for $10 | 5 Tickets for $25 | 15 Tickets for $50 | 50 Tickets for $75

Q. How many tickets are sold in total for the 50/50 Draw?
A. 600 single tickets at $10 each
800 sets of 5 for $25
600 sets of 15 for $50
1,920 sets of 50 for $75

Total 109,600 tickets sold

Q. What is the 50/50 Draw prize?
A. One winner will receive half of the lottery jackpot. Final jackpot will be HALF of the ticket sales revenue up to $100,000

Q. How long does it take to receive my e-tickets?
A. E-tickets should arrive in your email inbox in approximately 15 minutes

Q. What are the cutoff dates and draw dates?

A. Early Bird Draw June 8, 2021 June 25, 2021 at 11am

Main Draw 50/50 June 29, 2021 July 13, 2021 at 11am

Q. When are the winners going to be published?
A. Winners will be published on the website within 14 days following the draw date.

Q. How many prizes can be won?
A. Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery – 2 prizes. Grand Prize and $5,000 Early Bird Prize and 50/50 – 1 prize

Q. What is the total retail value of all the prizes?
A. Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery $80,040.00

Q. How many years has the lottery been active?
A. This is the 1st year of the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery.

Q. What is the licence number for the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks and 50/50 Lottery?
A. LR20-0085

Q. Is the ticket tax deductible/do you get a tax receipt?
A. No there is no tax receipt issued and the ticket is not tax deductible

Q. Must the ticket purchaser and the name on the ticket be over the age of 18 years?
A. Yes

Q. When ordering on-line, do I get an e-mail confirmation?
A. Yes.

Q. Are ticket purchasers eligible for all prizes?
A. Each stub is eligible for all prizes for the lottery purchased except those not received prior to published cut-off dates.

Q. Can tickets be put in the name of a corporation or business?
A. Yes. Should the ticket be a winner, the prize is then awarded to the corporation or business and the person who claims the prize must be able to prove they are an authorized officer of that company.

Q. How many names can be put on a ticket?
A. Should a purchaser want to put more than 2 names on a ticket it is recommended that the purchaser keep record of who is involved with the purchase. The licensee will not be responsible for any conflict between joint ticket purchases. In the event of a winning ticket stub having more than one name the lottery will award the prize to any individual whose name is listed on the stub. The licensee is not responsible for resolving any disputes, which may arise from the different individuals.

Q. Can people order from outside the province of Saskatchewan?

The Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery is not responsible for provincial or state taxes imposed on a prize exported out of Saskatchewan.

Q. Who cannot purchase tickets?
A. The Lottery Manager, Board Members and Executive Management Staff of the Saskatchewan Elks Association and Foundation, employees of Stride Management Corp., and anyone under the age of 18. The Licensee will advise all purchasers not to include the name of anyone under the age of 18 on the ticket due to the requirements of the Public Trustee Act.


1) Age limit for ticket purchasers is 18 years and over. Purchase must be made in the province of Saskatchewan. 

2) Draw Dates: 

  • Early Bird Cut-off: 11:59 PM June 82021 
  • Early Bird Draw: June 252021 11:00am  Saskatoon Elks Lodge #12, 508 12 St E. Saskatoon, SK 
  • Final Ticket Sales Cut-off: 11:59 PMJune 29, 2021 
  • Final Draw DateJuly 13, 2021 11:00am – Saskatoon Elks Lodge #12, 508 12 St E. Saskatoon, SK 
  • 50/50 Draw Date: July 13, 2021 11:00am – Saskatoon Elks Lodge #12, 508 12 St E. Saskatoon, SK 

3) Total prizes to be won is 2, with a total retail value of $80,040 including all taxes and fees.  The 50/50 prize is 50% of gross ticket sales. 

4) All draws (Early Bird, Final and 50/50) will be under the supervision of Stride Management Corp. and will all take place at Saskatoon Elks Lodge #12, 508 12 St E. Saskatoon, SK.  Any person wishing to view the draws may do so by attending at the above location on the draw date(s). 

The lottery draws including the 50/50 will be conducted using an RNG (Random Number Generator) system. The winning raffle draw number shall be determined from the pool of sold raffle ticket numbers. This will include the early bird draw and the final grand prize. 

5) Board Members and Executive Management Staff of the Saskatchewan Elks Association and Foundation are not permitted to purchase tickets. Employees of Stride Management Corp. and their immediate family members residing in the same household are not permitted to purchase tickets in the lottery. 

6) Only tickets purchased before 11:59 PM June 82021 are eligible to win the early bird prize.  If all tickets are sold by the early bird ticket sales cut-off, then the remaining 2 prizes, including the early bird prize, will be drawn on June 25, 2021. If tickets remain after the early bird ticket sales cut-off, then the early prize will be drawn on June 25, 2021. The remaining prize will be drawn on July 13, 2021.   

7) The first draw will be the early bird prize followed by all remaining prizes which will be drawn in order of least retail value up to the prize of greatest retail value.   

8) Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks main lottery will only sell 4,880 tickets and will be sold at $20 each, a set of 5 for $50, a set of 20 for $75 or a set of 50 for $100 

9) 50/50 tickets must be ordered in conjunction with your Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery ticket. 50/50 orders will not be accepted after your original Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery ticket order date. In the event all Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery tickets are sold by the early bird deadline of 11:59 PM June 25, 2021, the 50/50 draw will take place on June 25, 2021. If tickets remain after the early bird deadline, the 50/50 draw will take place on July 13, 2021. 

10) Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks 50/50 will only sell 3,920 tickets and will be sold at $10 each, a set of 5 for $25, a set of 15 for $50 and a set of 50 for $75. 

11 Prizes must be accepted as awarded – no substitutes unless otherwise stated.  Cash prize winners have one year from the date of the draw to claim their prize.  Vehicle winner will have a cash in lieu of option and must decide their option preference within 14 days of notification. The Vehicle winner must take possession of their vehicle no later than 45 days after the final draw. Any costs associated with the delivery of a prize due to distance or unique circumstances will be covered by prize winner. 

12) All winners will be notified in writing by Stride Management Corp. and in some cases by telephone by Saskatchewan Elks Association & Foundation representatives of what they have won and how to claim the prize. The winners names will be posted on the lottery website at within 10 days following each draw. 

13) If a winner cannot be located after a period of one year from the draw date, the prize or equivalent cash value will be donated to a charitable beneficiary approved by the Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority. 

14) In the event of a winning ticket stub having more than one name the licensee shall award the prize to the first individual identified on the ticket. The licensee and Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority are not responsible for resolving any disputes which may arise between different individuals whose names appear on the ticket. 

15) If any ticket purchased has been entered in a draw, no refund will be issued after the draw has taken place. 

16) For ticket enquiries please call 1-866-653-9191 

17) All drawn tickets will be returned to the draw to be eligible for all draws. 

TRUCK & 50/50 DRAWS:

Cutoff:  June 29, 2021  |  Draws:  July 13, 2021 at 11 AM

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